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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a universal seat cover will fit my car?

Our Universal car seat covers will fit all popular makes and models with standard seats. If you have sports seats or custom seats then please get in touch to confirm if our universal seat covers will fit. We’ll let you know if we recommend using our custom made service.

What happens if my seat cover does not fit?

In the rare instance that one of our universal seat covers does not fit your vehicle then you are welcome to receive a full refund (less the cost of freight). We recommend contacting us prior to purchase if you are not sure.

See our full refund terms and conditions here.

How long does a custom made seat cover take?

Custom seat covers usually take around 2-3 weeks from receipt of order to delivery to your door. We’ll provide you with an ETA when you place your order.

Do your Universal seat covers come with pockets?

Yes, all of our universal range come with pockets on the front, back and sides.

Can I install my seat covers myself?

Yes, our seat covers are very easy to install. You can view our installation videos here.

What if I have non-standard seats in my car?

If you have non-standard seats then please get in touch with is prior to ordering. There’s a good chance that one of our Universal Seat Covers may still fit or we can offer you a fully customised seat cover.

Are your sheepskin seat covers genuine wool?

Yes, all of our sheepskin seat covers are Australian wool although some  of our budget range have synthetic wool on the sides.

How do I find out when the Seat Cover Man will be in my area?

Go to our Mobile Locations page and view the diary which is updated regularly. You can also get in touch with us to find out if we’ll be in your area soon.

How long does delivery take?

For stocked items such as most Universal Seat Covers you can expect your seat covers within 2-3 working days. Custom work can take 2-3 weeks.

I've found a cheaper price elsewhere. Can you match it?

Yes! If you find a comparable seat cover at a cheaper price then we will not only match it – we’ll beat it by 5%!

Note: Excludes businesses and and operated by our parent company

I have a 3/4 bench seat in my car, do you make those?

Yes! Some car, van and truck models have a single driver’s seat and a 3/4 bench seat in the front. The Seat Cover Man can certainly create these for you. To find out more or to receive a quote simply get in touch here.

What is meant by Seat Size 25, Seat Size 30 and Seat Size 60?

Seat size 25 refers to a standard car seat with in integrated headrest. In other words, the entire seat and headrest is once piece.

Seat size 30 refers to a standard car seat with a separate headrest

Seat size 60 the same as seat 25

Do you make covers for centre consoles, seat belts and steering wheels?

We certainly do. You’ll find these under the accessories section of our website.

Are your seat covers airbag compatible?

All of our Universal sheepskin seat covers except the Premium Hooded range are airbag compatible. This includes our custom sheepskin range too.

Our Denim and Canvas ranges are airbag compatible.

Which wool can I use for custom made Seat Covers?

We can use any of our colours and wool piles to custom make the perfect seat cover to suit your car and your personality, however we always recommend using our Premium 25mm wool range and prices are quoted as such.

Note: There can be some instances where we may not have stock of a required wool in which case we will contact you to provide a revised ETA or an alternative product.

Can the long and short wool hooded seat covers be used on seats with separate headrests

Yes, the certainly can. If you are unsure then please get in touch with us to confirm.

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